Polyclonal Antibody

A polyclonal antibody is a group of immunoglobulins secreted by plasma cells in the body, which is produced during the immune reaction when the body is stimulated by heterologous antigens (macromolecular antigen, hapten conjugates). Polyclonal antibodies have been widely applied in scientific research and diagnostics due to various advantages, such as recognition of multiple antigen epitopes, causing a precipitation reaction, short preparation time, and low cost.


The most important quality of polyclonal antibodies is a high titer. Elabscience polyclonal antibodies are prepared from the antiserum of an immunized animal by affinity purification, and this method of preparation leads to the production of interesting antibodies with high titers and high affinity against the target antigen. We’ve compiled a wide selection of high-quality polyclonal antibodies specific for various species and applications, and they are all guaranteed to do your research a huge favor.

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